Top Sign Up Offers To Receive Now

A lot of companies will offer you a bonus when you join their app or service. I’ve started to gather some of the most popular ones for you. These will be updated as time goes on, so check back if you want to find something new. Some of these companies give the site a commission if you join. You’ll be able to get the same bonuses for referring friends.



They give you $5 when you sign up and send money, (as low as $1 which you can request back), to a friend. This one is more about the value you get from using them. Cashapp gives special discounts and promos that you can use for popular stores and websites. They have a custom engraved debit card that can be used anywhere which allows you to use your promos automatically when you make purchase on the card.

CashApp Free $5 Sign Up Link Offer Code: XPFTLZH


They give you $20 after you make a $20+ purchase on any popular site through them. Rakuten, (formally known as Ebates), is a service which works in cashback. They give you money for making purchases coming from their site since they bring in an affiliate commission. They come in handy when you’re making a big purchase.

Rakuten Sign Up Offer Link


You get a free stock valued up to $500 for joining. Most likely the stock will be worth $2.50 to $10. Robinhood is a good place to go if you want to start buying stocks, crypto, etc… . They are commission free, so you don’t need to lose out to get involved.

Robinhood Free Stock Signup Offer Link


You get a free $50 when you add $500 to your new account, (which can be pulled out whenever you’d like). They have a full system for a debit card and stocks. They usually offer another significant bonus, ($25 is what I got), when you start using them for stocks also. Their app is excellent.

SoFi Free $50 Sign Up Offer Link

Google Pay

This offer varies over time since they send out many different offers. Google has made a whole new Google Pay. This one is very similar to companies like Rakuten. They give you cashback for some popular stores. The offers are added to your regular credit cards when you select them, so you can get a bonus in store or online.

Google Sign Up Invite Bonus Link


This is a must have tool for anyone who buys deals regularly. It can be nerve racking to buy a price mistake. You can be afraid of your credit card being charged the full amount. Subscriptions are a pain to cancel, so signing up for a subscription deal can be a pain. Privacy helps you with both of these scenarios. They generate burner debit cards using your actual debit card to pay when you want. They let you create limits and one time use cards which will give you the security you need to pay without worry. They give you $5 to spend anywhere when you sign up if you use a referral link to join. I personally use them for my own purchases.

Privacy Referral Sign Up $5 Offer Link


Uber Eats

They give out more free food promos than any other delivery app. I’ve put out a lot of deals for free food, (that even work for existing users), and I plan on continuing. They offer $20 off your first order $25 and up when you use a referral code. They have more restaurants than any other platform I’ve seen.

Uber Eats First Order Offer Code: EATS-DANIELS52523UE


Secondary to Uber Eats in my area, DoorDash is still a great platform for food delivery. I’ve used them in the past, and they occasionally have promotions to get food discounts. They have similar fees to other food delivery platforms. At the time of this post, they’re giving $10 off your first 3 orders when you sign up using a referral link.

DoorDash Referral Offer Link For $10 Off Your First 3 Orders