Tips And Tricks

Perks For Signing Up Tips

Example bonus offer

Look for sign up offers

 Tricks: Many online stores will offer you a discount or promo for signing up to their website. Adidas, Abercrombie, American eagle, and more all have offers on sign up. As a bonus, many times these can be added to existing sales that don’t use a code. 

Birthday Perks

Example bonus offer

Birthday Benefits

 Tips: Many companies will give you a promo code or something else for your birthday if you’re signed up to their program; For example, Dunkin gives you a free drink every time it’s your birthday. These promos are great, and they can normally be used for a month or more. 

Sign Up Asking For Promo Code

visual tip example

Pay attention when asked for promo code on sign up

 Tips: When a you’re signing up for a new account on an app or website, you need to pay attention. Many times there are great bonus perks for signing up, and you won’t get them if you don’t put in a promo code before you sign up. 

Referral Bonuses

Tips: Look for referral offers to sign up your friends and get rewarded

 Tricks: Many websites have great referral offers that can be really beneficial. American eagle, Uber, and many other websites have plenty of offers that can give you and your friends free in app cash  and  other promos.