Samsung is having a great price mistake on their tablets and smartwatches. They’re selling the Tab S7 FE for just $265, the Tab S7 for just $325, and the Tab S7+ for just $425 when you use Special Samsung Pricing. Anyone can get this by going on to Samsung through the special link and selecting Education.

Additionally, You may be able to save even more with the code ref-68cjrt

  • First go to the Samsung Education Page

Special Samsung Discount Page

  • Next, just go to the Samsung Tablet Deal Page. You’ll see all of the available options for you.

Link to All Samsung Tablets Stacked Savings Deal

Samsung Products Education Pricing

You’ll need to have, or create, a Samsung account. The education discount may take some trial and error to go in, (you can use different browsers or incognito repeating the process of going to the education page then clicking the Samsung Tablets link). You’ll know it worked if the price is correct in cart.

Link to All Samsung Tablets Stacked Savings Deal

Special Samsung Discount Page Link

In Cart Example Tab S7 FE 64GB

Note: there are other great deals going around, so make sure to check out any other Samsung products you may want.

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