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The most important thing for any brand, website, or print on demand platform is to get people to see your designs. If nobody sees your stuff, you don’t exist. This is why you need to work on getting yourself out there by using all available means. The first steps are simple, so you shouldn’t be intimidated. You need to get all of your social media pages ready.

This will create a place for people to actually find you. People will expect anything worth viewing to have this. It’s professional to have, and it looks shady if you don’t; Therefore, we’re telling you to get started with this right away.

Create A Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page is really easy, so don’t stress.

dealbeasts facebook page
Facebook Create A New Page Preview Tutorial

You just need to click create, select page, and now you’ve created a new Faceook page.

page creator preview
Facebook Page Creation Preview Tutorial

You’ll literally have a page up in under a minute, and Facebook will walk you through adding all of your info to your page.

Create An Instagram Account

An Instagram account is also very important, and you can create one easily. First, Go to Instagram, sign out, and select sign up to make your new account.

instagram login preview
Instagram Sign Up Preview Tutorial

Optimize Your Pages

After you fill out all your page info, you have social media pages to link to your website. Posting on Instagram gives you an option to ad your post to your Facebook page, so make sure to choose that option when you post.

You should fill your Instagram with a few relevant posts, and connect them to your Facebook page afterwards.

Hashtags are very important. These give you free targeted traffic to your posts. You get up to 30 hashtags per post. Make use of all of them that you can. You can get these online through a tool, or you can use related hashtags on

That’s all you need. You now have everything you need to start making sales, So Keep working hard until you’ve made it!

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