Samsung is having an insanely good stacked sale. This has multiple levels of discounts. This can be used to get massive discounts on the entire S21 Lineup. This works even if you don’t have a phone to trade in yet, but it will be easier if you already have one.

It starts off with an Education/Other Special Discount. Anyone can get this by going on to Samsung through the special link and selecting Education. You’ll need to have, or create, a Samsung account, but they won’t have you verify unless you have a ton in your cart.

Special Samsung Discount Page Link

Samsung is offering a highly increased trade in value. Any Samsung phone as current as the S10E will bring you $550+ trade in value. If you don’t have one, you can buy an S10E here for just $300.

Link to Samsung Galaxy S10E Refurbished $300 Walmart Deal

As long as you purchase one, you’ll have one to ship to them later for the trade in.

Now add whichever S21 phone you’d like. The S21 regular will save you around $10 more than the plus, so it’s not worth picking. The S21+ will cost you around $200 less than the Ultra. It’s up to you to choose between them.

Once you’ve picked your’s, add the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 256GB when it asks you if you want to add accessories, (you really could pick other things, but the discount is done through dollar amount instead of percentage; Therefore, the price of your other items will go up the more you spend).

Now that you’re at checkout, add the following codes:

  • ref-9i4csx (referral code for first time extra savings)

That’s everything, the price should be around $516, (or cheaper if the referral code works), for the Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ with a Samsung Smart Tag as a bonus and $716 for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G with the same bundle. Shipping is free.

Link to Samsung Galaxy S21 Lineup Bundle Deal

Link to Samsung Special Discount Landing Page

In Cart S21+ Bundle Checkout Preview

Note: you may save more by using the $100 off through financing, but some of those are attached to expensive contracts. They cost more than they’re worth.

This will end up costing you maximum $816, (if your current phone is worth nothing, so you bought a $300 S10E), for a Samsung Galaxy S21+with a Galaxy Tabs S7+ 256GB with a Samsung Smart Tag. You can get $650+ easily for the Samsung Tablet on eBay. The S21+ would be worth $800+ by itself, so you could sell them both for a good profit even if you don’t want to have a new phone.

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